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Belly Dance Institute Mumbai - Questions All Beginner's Have - Ritambhara Sahni answers

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have taken the time to visit our various pages, you have given belly dance a thought and so we first and foremost would like to welcome you to the belly dance fraternity. At Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, we take absolute delight in having you perfect your belly dance techniques. But before you commence a class there are certain things that will help knowing and also the hesitations will be kept at bay with the queries answered. So this is surly a must read for all beginner's who would like to join Belly Dance Institute Mumbai or have already joint Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni.

1. What's the attire at class ? 
Since the dance is a composition of techniques and form, it's best to wear a yoga pant or tracks paired with a comfortable T-shirt. It's not ideal to wear harems, pallazzos or skirts because it's important for the instructor to view your leg movements so she may guide you right. Apart from that being the elemental reason for not wearing jeans to the class, we also advise you to not wear jeans as that acts as a barrier for the leg movements and it's hindrance will make you uncomfortable learning. So, it's best to come comfortably dressed in tights or gym wear for your optimum benefit.

2. Anything to worn on the feet ? 
Belly dance is mostly practised and performed barefooted, so a footwear isn't essential. However, if your feet are sensitive, you can wear socks or peds. If that doesn't suit you either, we would suggest investing in ballet or jazz shoes to avoid discomfort.
Belly dance institute mumbai review
Peds - belly dance institute Mumbai

3. Is it necessary to reveal my stomach? 
Absolutely not. At Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, we emphasize the importance of your comfort. The choice to reveal or not solely rests on the individuals preference. A lot of students show their tummies because it makes them feel like a belly dancer and also since it's a dance involving the isolation of the torso from the lower body so it helps in understanding the movements.

belly dance institute mumbai review
Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni - Class in progress

4. I have no prior background in either dance or belly dance. Can I still enroll? 
Absolutely. We at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni will mentor you through the techniques and forms. In the foundation course you will soon learn that you can dance too.

5. Performance opportunities?
You certainly do. Be a part of the exhilarating experience at our grand event HIP-NOSIS where our students from various levels come together to perform. Also, we conduct mini HIP-NOSIS events every now and then apart from HAFLAS (parties) which you must be a part of when opportunity permits.

Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni review
Ritambhara Sahni's show - hip-nosis Mumbai

6. Do I have to perform?
A lot of students love to learn the dance but aren't interested in performing. You don't have to perform if you don't want to. At the end of the day, to be in your comfort zone is quintessential.

7. How long will it take to learn the form? 
The first two sessions at the Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni begins as an introductory session which trains you on the techniques and forms of belly dancing. But it takes three months at our Institute in order to confidently belly dance and master the foundation techniques. We can guarantee that by the end of the first two sessions you will realize you can belly dance too and after three months you will confidently shake your hips like a belly dancer. To have a glimpse of what you will be achieving as a danseuse in our Institute in a month, do click on the link below.

8. Having learnt belly dance from another place, can I continue here and directly join the higher levels?
My sincere apologies but we would suggest against continuing without having gone through our foundation levels in this Institute. This primarily is because every institute and instructor has a different way of conducting the dance classes and compiling the content for the beginners foundation course. There might be similarities in the techniques but its never the same content. On that note, at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, we suggest you resume in the place you began learning from or groom your foundations at our Institute. Also, we have begun workshops and levels for fusions and props which weren’t available earlier.

9. Can I belly dance at 49?
Belly dancing is for everyone. It pays no heed to age, size, shape, background, dance ability or fitness level. Irrespective of the age, it shares its benefits such as grace, coordination and flexibility with everyone. At Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni we recommend the dance for anyone above 12 years, including senior citizens. As long as medical health is not a barrier, don't hesitate to join belly dance and realize its benefits as viewed in the link below that highlights an article published in the Harmony magazine. The article which gives due credit to Ritambhara Sahni speaks of a senior citizen who belly danced under her mentor-ship and elucidates the plethora of benefits the dance has to offer.

Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute mumbai review

10. Will I be able to lose weight soon?
We hear this often from many prospective students and like other forms of exercise; this has a greater impact when practiced daily. Several factors have an effect to body size and shape which can be addressed through a regular practice of the various techniques of the dance but this happens over time. We, at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni strongly advocate using belly dancing in pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle and do not promote weight loss. You certainly will feel the benefits depending on how regular it's practiced after the 2 hours session of the class. We welcome you to join us at all our batches in all our centers which will give you the complete benefit of perfecting the dance as well as keeping fit.

11. How do I practice at home?
You have to visit our website here is the link - Our website
You have to enter the username and password provided to you by the admin or instructor of your respective batch and then you could download the songs and course material.

12. Where can I get Arabic music?
Feel free to ask the instructor for the music and she will give you the names of the songs and artists you can download.

13. Do I have to wear a belly dance hip scarf / belly dance belt ?
We highly recommend you to wear a belly dance hip scarf / belly dance belt. These spangled coin belts help you connect with the dance and feel the rhythm better.

belly dance institute mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni review
Belly Dance Hip Scarf at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni

14. Where do I purchase a belly dance hip scarf / belly dance belt ?
At Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, we will show you how to recognize a hip scarf / belly dance belt that bests suits your body. Function, durability and aesthetic together makes an ideal hip scarf / belly dance belt which you can understand from the varieties available with the instructor and they will guide you towards purchase the same after which you could take it from a place we recommend or a place of your choice.

What if I miss a class ?
We at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni respect your time and offer flexibility. The content for the classes remain the same in all our batches for the week. So, if you miss a class due to unforeseen circumstances, please don't hesitate to attend the class in our other batch and continue learning.

16. How do I get certified for the levels?
The certification for the belly dance course is awarded only after the student completes all the sessions that composes the level. A complete attendance is a prerequisite and on the certification day you are critically examined on the various techniques and forms learnt. The first hour is dedicated to mastering of the techniques compiled in the course and in the next hour you will be examined on the same. You will be certified for the level  only on mastering of all the techniques and further details will be given during the initial classes.

Belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni review
Ritambhara Sahni's Belly Dance Institute Mumbai

17. Are there any physical limitations to learning belly dancing?
Though belly dancing is known for its several health benefits, it may also aggravate certain conditions. So in case you have an injury or a medical condition please consult the doctor for professional advice and notify the instructor regarding the same. We do not recommend you to join if you have sciatica, aches in the joints or pregnant without a doctor's consultation.

18. Can I take a trial session?
What we have is a trial workshop..
 However, we have compiled a series of videos that demonstrate what you stand to learn and achieve as a student in our institute. The videos that you find on the links below are performed by students in our institution and not professionals so you can get a fair idea on the knowledge you will gain as an average potential student. Please click below to widen your perspective on our institute .

19. Can I come and observe a class?
If you could prefer to visit us in order to attain a better understanding of our classes and feel the positive vibes exuded, you’re most welcome to have a peak for a couple of minutes. However, we don’t encourage observing an ongoing class for longer hours since that makes the students self conscious. So in order to avoid the disturbance in the middle of a session we would love to show you extended videos of our choreography over and above what you will see on our youtube channel, Belly Dance Institute Mumbai, that is attached herewith.

20. Can I bring my children/ friend/ relative to the class?
The children, friends and relatives who are eager to tag along are ultimately observers and the reply to this has been answered in the preceding question. We do not have a crèche or caretakers, so it is advisable to not get your children along. At the Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, we do not encourage anyone into the class apart from our registered students

21. Can men join? Are they allowed in class?
Despite a lot of institutes being open to teaching men, we at the Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, do not teach men. Im certain you’ll would make great belly dancers too but our institute is strictly structured around teaching women. While observers may have a peak at an ongoing session, we don’t permit any man to enter an ongoing class in any given situation. However you are always invited to watch a performance at our HIP-NOSIS event which is open to all. Here is a glimpse of our show in the link below.

22. Can I visit the studio where I would be learning? 
Yes you certainly can. We can whats-app the addresses along with the class timings and you can always pay a visit to any of our studios at our centers in Colaba, Khar and Andheri during the operational hours. Our whats-app number is 9619067129. Our address of various centers are listed here in this link....Various venue addresses

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A review / testimonial by one of our students
With many years of dance experience with Ritambhara Sahni and her institute - her institute has proven a blessing for me. Ritambhara Sahni provides wholesome, tasteful dancing of all disciplines in dance styles of belly dance i must say here in my review. She instills confidence in each dancer to build self-confidence and determination with fun and structure. Her dedicated technique brings the best in her belly dance class in Mumbai , her presentation and her optimism that lives within the student long after the dance is over. Ritambhara Sahni is an amazing teacher and an inspiration to be around. Wanted to write my testimonial on her teachings at her institute for a really long time now but have finally got down to doing so. I've taken classes from other teachers around Mumbai and no one has been able to produce the results that Ritambhara Sahni and belly dance institute Mumbai has! I'm SO glad that I found her! Belly Dance Classes in Mumbai with Ritambhara Sahni are very good, My confidence has improved considerably since i  started classes at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai. Belly Dance Institute Mumbai is brilliant, excellent facility for the whole community. There should be more dance classes in Mumbai of the same standard. I really don’t know what I'd do without Ritambhara Sahni and belly dance Institute Mumbai to be honest. Also i must say that my belly dance belt definitely puts me into a new and happy mood when i belly dance with it. belly dancing itself makes you really happy but belly dancing without a belt makes me feel rather incomplete and i just always always have my belly dance belt on when i belly dance. My belly dancing belt is something i have now gotten attached to like i was attached to my doll as a child :). These belly dance belts have become a part of our lives now - which is my batch mates and me. Moving dance schools was one of the best choices I’ve ever made!  I’ve gained SO MUCH more confidence. If someone had told me 2 years ago that I'd be competing in dance competitions and I'd have loads of confidence I’d have thought they were mad. I’m so lucky to finally be at a dance school where I'm happy. Belly Dance Classes here are very good, My confidence has improved considerably as I started classes at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. This belly dance class in Mumbai is brilliant, It is definately par excellence at belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni.
- Nikshita Jain

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